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Gary the goat


Gary didn't die

he lived

If anyone wants to support Jimbo to look after Gary's legacy:

1. Create a bronze Gary the Goat STATUE
2. Get Gary's body TAXIDERMED
3. Do post production on the the Gary the Goat MOVIE
4. Set up the Gary the Goat political party for the next Australian Federal election

Plus make more videos!

This is how you can help Jimbo pay the bills and grow his business!

1. Gary merch shop with t-shirts etc

Exaaactly Ashley.PNG

2. Gary Rum - Delivered to your door (in Australia only)

3. Crazy Goat Vapes - FOR THE VAPERS (in Australia only)

4. PayPal Donations

5. Patreon

6. Bank Account
(cut out all middle-men fees)

James Dezarnaulds

BSB: 112-879
ACC: 054 124 201



Contact Gary!*

*Gary finds it difficult typing with his hooves, so may not respond to all fan mail.

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